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Sell is NOT a Dirty 4-letter Word!


4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Never Stop Selling

My fave four letter words are “free,” “sale” and “wine,” but I’m ready to add another one: “sell.”  Why? Because if entrepreneurs stop selling, they revert to being employees!

To paraphrase Oprah, these are 4 things I know for sure about selling:

  1. Selling allows your prospects to know how to work with you – If you don’t tell them, you’ll never get the biz!
  2. Every entrepreneur is selling the brand “YOU” – You are your own walking/talking mascot. Every customer is buying a piece of you.
  3. You can’t close the sale on the first date – I’m not asking you to try to sell at a networking event, but if you’ve earned the right after the appropriate steps, please ask for the biz.
  4. Selling is the only way to convert prospects into clients – If you can’t rattle off the top 10 benefits of working with you, then neither can your prospects. And, if you want to be in biz, you must master the elements of selling.

Need a little help? Let me know!

How do you sell? How comfortable are you? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

To your sizzling success!


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  1. Empowerment Selling,
    STOP Selling and START Fulfilling Your Customer’s Needs
    Fran Fisher, Master Certified Coach

    This captivating story is not just written for sales people. It’s a business parable about how to lead our lives in all relationship situations.

    The story revolves around the 3 C Principle: Connect, Clarify, and Cultivate – The coaching approach to sales. By employing these actions on a daily basis we can have a profound positive effect on the life of others, and in turn our own.

    Available in E-book and Paperback:

    The 3C Principle
    Start by asking your clients: “What is the one thing I can help you with today?”
    • Be service oriented versus sales focused
    • Be caring and fully present; LISTEN deeply
    • Be considerate of the client’s agenda, not mine
    • Be a collaborative partner
    • Be committed to the quality of the relationship
    Ask: “What is most important and best for you?”
    • Support the client in identifying what is best for them
    • Assist the client is clearing the barriers to what they need
    • Explore options and generate possibilities
    • Empower the client’s decision-making process
    • Acknowledge and respect their choices
    Ask “How can I continue to support your success?”
    • Facilitate the client: what/when/how they will proceed
    • Reinforce the value of the relationship
    • Plant seeds for continuing the relationship
    • Trust in the process/outcome (I + A = M)
    • Acknowledge the client
    AND select PROCEED

  2. Thanks, Liz! I know the message in my book EMPOWERMENT SELLING will speak to you and your readers. Because this approach is relationship-centric, the principles are transferrable as guiding principles for win/win in all our relationships!

    Blessings to you and the GOOD work you are doing.
    In Service,

  3. Thanks, Fran. It looks like your book would help my readers.

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