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Liz is a gold mine of expertise and knowledge!

Liz is absolutely phenomenal! She helped me start my speaking career from scratch! My background is in electrical engineering and I had zero speaking experience. By working with her, she helped me create a service product from scratch and I started to get booked as a professional speaker. From her coaching, I spoke in front of large audiences and had huge success in connecting with the crowd to the point where people actually cried during my speech! She is one of the nicest and sweetest people I know! Plus she connected me with other speakers and that opened the door for other speaking engagements! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to boost their speaking career by 1000%. She is a gold mine of expertise and knowledge! 

Wasim Hajjiri
Wasim The Dream

Working with Liz has totally upped my game

Even though I'm a business storyteller and been a speaker for years, working with Liz has totally upped my game. I made the switch from doing less consulting to more speaking and needed a total overhaul. We all know how hard it is to see the forest for the trees when we are stuck in the woods. Liz reached in and helped me out. Between a new bio, upgraded program packages, 7-second hook, verbal introduction, new interview questions, and more I've not only refreshed my whole business, but taken it to new levels. If you want similar results, go work with Liz now.

Karen Dietz
Just Story It

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I am blown away by the value of the content on Liz’s “Speaking in a Flash!

Not only was I able to immediately benefit from her no-nonsense guidance (one of my favorites is the 40 ways to Negotiate if they Can’t Pay), but an unexpected bonus was that I continue to crystallize my brand as I utilize her tools.  If you’re looking for brilliance delivered in a simple, ready-to-use format, you can’t beat what you’ll get here from Liz, the speaking guru.

Cindi Phallen
Create Possibility

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