Branding Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Happy Clients

Liz Changed My Life!

Simply put, Liz changed my life! I've always wanted to become a speaker but was not sure how to get in the field efficiently and wisely. And I met Liz! Liz taught me how to write a speech that works, how to connect with the audience, how to use powerful body language, how to speak "Gooder", and most importantly how to believe in myself. She is a ball of fire but she is also one of the smartest, wisest, kindest and funniest persons I have ever met. Don't hesitate to hire her. She will take you where you want to go. No doubt!

A Speaker with excellent engagement with students.

Excellent engagement with students.  Great information from introductions, hard questions and the 7 second "quip in your hip”. Valuable information for preparing students becoming professionals.


Take your company from fizzle to sizzle.

"Liz's quick wit and fiery intensity will ignite the flame in any marketing or branding campaign. Trust her to take your company from fizzle to sizzle."

Kenneth Goorabian & Bonnie Hayes

If in doubt, hire her!

"Liz Goodgold kicked my speaking career up a few notches so that I could get booked more often and for more money.  She is an expert at quickly honing in on exactly what you need to change to move forward. If in doubt, hire her!"

Ursula Mentjes

Liz is a gold mine of expertise and knowledge!

Liz is absolutely phenomenal! She helped me start my speaking career from scratch! My background is in electrical engineering and I had zero speaking experience. By working with her, she helped me create a service product from scratch and I started to get booked as a professional speaker. From her coaching, I spoke in front of large audiences and had huge success in connecting with the crowd to the point where people actually cried during my speech! She is one of the nicest and sweetest people I know! Plus she connected me with other speakers and that opened the door for other speaking engagements! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to boost their speaking career by 1000%. She is a gold mine of expertise and knowledge! 

Wasim Hajjiri
Wasim The Dream


Liz is THE best thing that has happened to me; both in business and personal development. We have gone farther in six months with her direction than we have in 8 years.  The staff is motivated, happy and everyone LOVES her! Liz is THE REAL DEAL!
Stefanie Alberts

I would have never gone in this direction.

"I am a copywriter by trade, but when it came time to brand my new graphic recording business, I turned to Liz for help. She came up with a whole slew of clever, catchy names to choose from. I would have never gone in this direction. I am so thrilled!"

Anne McColl

On the right path

"Liz modernized my resume, honed my interview responses and accentuated my strengths, all which contributed to my new landing page. Once on board, Liz sent me off on the right path with tips, tools and tactics. "
Vicki Chernoff

Liz is incredible.

"Liz is incredible. I attended a recent workshop she hosted in Irvine and left with practical yet creative ideas that I could immediately put into place to grow my new business."

April Sather
Illuminar Consulting

Biggest Game Changer of my career.

“Creating my brand The Business Mechanic was the biggest game changer of my career. My business has quintupled, people finally understand what I do, and I’ve even gotten a radio show! I hired Liz and am glad I spent every penny I did. I made all my money back from working with her before I even finished the 6 month program."

Vaughn Sigmon, The Business Mechanic
The Business Mechanic

You are amazing at what you do!

"You are amazing at what you do! I would never have changed my marketing, branding, sales, and pricing if it weren’t for you. Your Words of Lizdom have made me a better business owner – thank you."

Renée Carlson
Bonita Pilates & Yoga

A Ball of Energy

"Liz is a ball of energy and bursting with insights. She amazes me with her ability to take a simple phrase and flip it around, transforming it into a much more effective message. She pulls out the best in you and shows you how to shine. I'm still absorbing months packed full of strategies, and will be applying her lessons for years. If you want to spice up your personal brand, she's the master!"

Elisabeth G. Waltz, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP
Employee Experience Designer | Learning, People & Culture

Branding and Marketing Expert

"Liz is the pre-eminent branding and marketing expert of our time.  She helped me brand my auction business and my sales went through the roof.  Call Liz NOW if you want similar results."

Chris Vaughan, MBA, AARE, AMM, PRI- Regional Director/Broker/Auctioneer
Higgenbotham Auctioneers International Ltd., Inc.

Outstanding Coach!

Learned more in 1 hour with Liz than I did in 2 years of marketing courses. Outstanding Coach!

-Marcy McDonald, Coach Build Happiness Today

Speech Coaching helped!

Liz’s strategies help me to speak with confidence and clarity – and finally be heard! 

Stephanie Truhlar
Eli Lilly

Liz is My Secret Sauce

Through 3 companies and over 15 years, Liz has been my “go to” branding person. She’s my secret sauce in creating brand names and strategy. I constantly ask myself “where would I be without Liz Goodgold?”

Jim Murphy


Liz is AMAZING to watch! She was quickly able assess my business, understand the unique value I bring to my clients and give solid information on pricing, naming and titling to increase my revenue stream...I love her.

Creating A Cook Book

Without you this cookbook would not have been possible. You were the one who reigned me in and kept me focused. Thank you for you!

Phyllis Pearson
A Taste To Remember
Michele Richardson

Liz has been instrumental in my re-branding process. She brought an arsenal of tools, resources and ideas that have enabled me to create a powerful brand platform to support my business as it grows. Most important, Liz isn’t just a coach/consultant who blows in to give some quick, basic advice. She always works with her clients’ best interests in mind—going above and beyond to ensure each of us is supported and have what we need to thrive

Michele Richardson
Inciteful Communications
Bethany Kelly

Thanks to Liz, I was armed with all of the info to create and test my new brand name. I love it!

Bethany Kelly
Publishing Partner
Christian Wasinger

“Your brutal honesty and no B.S. approach allowed me to move forward and get my business firing.”

Christian Wasinger
I just got the survey - overall the event rec'd the highest score the chapter has ever seen?   Coordination, networking, interaction and SPEAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!
Iris McCammon
SCORE - Orange County
Professor Robert Campbell

I knew you would be good.  But you were also spectacular!!!  You are, indeed, the foremost expert on personal branding!!!

Professor Robert Campbell
UCSD Rady School of Management

Such an amazingly helpful & informative workshop today about prof speaking with @lizgoodgold #speaker #girlboss Good stuff x100!

Nicole Matthews

Liz Goodgold Branding

I had the pleasure of hearing a presentation by Liz Goodgold at a recent BPSCA (Book Publicists of Southern California) meeting. From the moment she took the stage she held everyone's attention, delivering one important message after another. Her professionalism, self-assurance, and charm greatly impressed her audience. I highly recommend her as an inspirational speaker and educator.

Ester Benjamin Shifren

I am blown away by the value of the content on Liz’s “Speaking in a Flash!

Not only was I able to immediately benefit from her no-nonsense guidance (one of my favorites is the 40 ways to Negotiate if they Can’t Pay), but an unexpected bonus was that I continue to crystallize my brand as I utilize her tools.  If you’re looking for brilliance delivered in a simple, ready-to-use format, you can’t beat what you’ll get here from Liz, the speaking guru.

Cindi Phallen
Create Possibility

Commercial mortgage banking

Thanks to Liz's Mastermind Workshop and brilliant guidance, I obtained clarity on my business goals and the direction I wanted to go. She helped me see the changes I needed to make to effectively brand and market myself, and to achieve my goal of making a big career move. Thank you Liz!

Phenomenally Beneficial

Liz has insight into topics of interest especially for Master Mind sessions that really impact her clients and audience. Her session on How to Tell Your Story and How to Speak Gooder helped each of us individually. She focused on exactly what we each needed. The session helped me for future speeches and Key note Speaking engagements to touch people emotionally through their heart.

She also has a wonderful sense of knowing and choosing an expert co-presenter. Thank you Karen Dietz for your contribution and experiences.

Liz will always be the Ferrari of coaches in my life. Someone you WANT in your pocket.

Branding Awesomeness

Liz created a super fantastic bio for me and gave me such good advice. She pointed out details I had not considered in my business that I needed to think about. She spoke with me and provided excellent service. 

I killed the presentation thanks to you, Liz! It was definitely money well spent.

Monica Kling
Dealer Marketing Representative - NRG eVGO

spent some time soaking up "sexy soundbytes" with @lizgoodgold this morning! great way to start the day! thank you!

Stefanie Blue

I took away lots of golden gems from this morning's Mastermind! Thank you Liz!

Working with Liz has totally upped my game

Even though I'm a business storyteller and been a speaker for years, working with Liz has totally upped my game. I made the switch from doing less consulting to more speaking and needed a total overhaul. We all know how hard it is to see the forest for the trees when we are stuck in the woods. Liz reached in and helped me out. Between a new bio, upgraded program packages, 7-second hook, verbal introduction, new interview questions, and more I've not only refreshed my whole business, but taken it to new levels. If you want similar results, go work with Liz now.

Karen Dietz
Just Story It

Engaging Liz to mentor me for an intensive interview process with a major bank was a game-changer.

Adhering to Liz’s rigorous coaching and practice regimen, I walked in to the interview with much higher confidence than I would have otherwise felt.  Liz helped me articulate insightful and strategic selling points on my candidacy.  She counseled me how to take control of the interview and how to maintain my poise when asked the most difficult questions.   Thanks to Liz, I now know how to prepare myself to perform at a peak level during a job interview.

Peter Grabell

You were absolutely fantastic...our attendees and staff can't stop talking about you!



Brandon Robbins
Business Development Executive - Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS®

Thank you Liz as I am no longer spinning my wheels on this project and have clear direction to determine if I should continue or stop.

This was my 17th year in a row attending one of AIA's conventions or NSS meetings. You by far were the most entertaining and valuable speaker we've had.  I truly enjoyed your messages and your energy.


MIndy Moss

She has been a great asset to my business

"Liz is a true gem! She knows the entreneurship business inside and out. She has been a great asset to my business. I was stuck on a structural part of my business, and after consulting with her, I was not only unstuck, but landed a new client! Thanks, Liz!"

Holly Kolman

Her advice on speaking and branding is right on.

Liz Goodgold is good as gold.  Her advice on speaking and branding is right on.  But more than that, her contagious energy makes every conversation a wonderful learning experience filled with wit and humor.  My members love her.  You need to listen to this lady.  Bring her in to speak to you audience.  You’ll be glad you did




Liz is entertaining and informative...

...full of powerful ideas you can use to create a killer brand.

Brian Tracy
Author of The 'Psychology of Selling and GOALS!'

Coaching with you is pure brilliance; you find the gems hidden within and make your clients shine like diamonds.

What an inspiring and thought-provoking day! Liz is a leader that provides a dynamic day of learning, inspiration, and fun while you think about your business from a whole new perspective. I loved my experience and want to go back for more Liz-dom!

I strongly recommend the mastermind as a way to jumpstart momentum if you are in some way stuck.

I have been a copywriter for over 20 years, so it takes a lot for me to have an "aha" moment when it comes to branding. I am happy to report that I did have an epiphany when it came to my own business on how to address multiple services that I offer. It was very inspiring to see how ideas evolved, bouncing from participant to participant during the mastermind. I strongly recommend the mastermind as a way to jumpstart momentum if you are in some way stuck.

Thank you for “bringing down the house” yesterday at the NAWBO meeting. As expected, you did a great job providing some very valuable information; I know everyone walked away with some “good stuff.”

Because of you, my business is on fire thanks to the RED HOT info you gave me!

I loved your presentation yesterday, everyone seemed glued to your lips. Branding thoughts woke me up at 4:00am and all I wanted was a good night sleep

Isabelle Adams, CWP

What a delightful educational presentation! Thank you again for your time and ROCK STAR presentation!

I'm a tough teacher/grader and don't give out A's because most speakers don't deliver the goods.  Well, you got the A+ from me! and many others!   I've never seen so many wedding industry professionals write so feverishly every word! Thank you again for your time and ROCK STAR presentation!

Joyce Sardine Becker
Events of Distinction

You really are amazing! You are so insightful, creative and helpful. Thanks.

There are still glowing embers in our conference room left from the fiery furnace you created with your grilling incineration of the proposed WTCA “branding” last week. Thank you so much for shooting that down in flames.

“You were “spot on,” as they say. You were a hit because you:


  • quickly engaged the audience
  • arrived early to set up and greet attendees
  • high energy delivery style
  • good content with timely examples and stories
  • highly interactive
  • your closing helped attendees to confirm what they learned and can immediately use.
  • you ended on time

Loved it!

Sandra Schrift| Board Member

San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance

You did it! You enabled me to get into 2 HUGE publications for my industry – thank you!

We found working with you to be extraordinary – great energy, great wisdom.

Your message was awesome, and very understandable. The audience participation works wonders.

Liz will help you zero in on your message and help you great an image that will explode your business. Thank you Liz, You have been of great help to me and have helped me create clarity in my branding, thank you for all your help and teachings. Your guidance and support truly made a difference.

La'Vonne Shields
Management Consultants of America

Liz is both entertaining and informative. Her presentation style is engaging and you walk away with a concrete plan for making immediate changes to your marketing and branding. Even if you have attended other presentations on branding, you NEED to listen to Liz!!!

You are a stunning wealth of practical tools and strategies. You encapsulated more empowering information on our call this morning about effective presentations than I have gleaned over many years of expert advice. I'm very grateful and took lots of notes.

Sky Jeanette
Juice Plus

Looking for simply the best, practical, hands-on advice on how to build your brand? This is Liz!

One of the small biz owner's biggest assets is her personal brand. It sets you apart from everyone else -- effortlessly. Liz's new book is a super step-by-step guide on how to make your brand buzz-worthy!"

You are one HUGE, BIG, BRIGHT, SKINNY, SHINING STAR! Keep up the great work FIREcracker!”

Brian Johnston
Johnston Search

“I've heard you speak before, and I always look forward to learning more from you. In fact, your program is at the top of my "investing in my business" list.

Amanda Johnson 

Liz is a fiery and passionate speaker who got me inspired to start a women's networking group right after the workshop. Her can-do spirit will help you step out of your shell and boldly reach out for your goals.

Liz has a passion for Branding

Branding is an art and a science, and for Liz, a passion as well. She lives and breathes the life of a brand, including her own. You won't find a more dedicated and convincing branding specialist, who knows her roots as well as where she's heading.

Mary Beth McCabe
Sun Marketing

What a dynamic speaker Liz is! Guests responded to her speech with nodding heads and smiles and everyone was fast to take notes on her tips. We highly recommend Liz...she is exceptional!

Liz’s presentation skills are the tops and throughout the time with her audience, Liz showed a keen knowledge of brand marketing. I would highly recommend Liz as your next group professional speaker.

Robyn Bottomley
Non-Profit Consultant

Thank you so much for your brilliance! I am threatening to tattoo "hire for talent not skill" on my arm--right next to "reward your purchasers instead of your visitors.

Liz is hands-down the most amazing marketing master I've ever met - and I have met quite a few. When you get the chance to hear her speak - GO!

If you want to link simplicity and logic to branding, go hear Liz!

Garry Ridge
President and CEO, WD-40

Liz is well worth it!

Liz consistently over delivers content in a rapid fire method, with no fluff. In one meeting, I received 10 times the value I paid!

Liz Goodgold sure knows the nuances of language, especially the language of marketing.

Richard Lederer
Author of 21 books including Anguished English, Word Circus, and Presidential Trivia

You were a true dynamo!

Alicia Ashley
Author of The Awakening Book: 7 Steps to Unlock the Secret Behind the Law of Attraction

Our members felt that it was the best webinar ever!

Dr. Drax
American Disc Jockey Association

Liz is entertaining and informative, full of powerful ideas you can use to create a killer brand.

Branded Bio Webinar lit a fire under me

"Attending Liz's webinar 'How to Write a Branded Bio That Brings in the Biz!' lit a fire under me and helped me articulate my brand DNA. She's given me the courage and confidence to move forward building my own business."

-Susan Randolph

If you are looking for results, off the charts integrity, brilliance and know how with a fabulous sense of humor and joie de vivre, I wholeheartedly recommend Liz Goodgold at Red Fire Branding.

Imagine having access to a brilliant branding expert that will help you discover and take the necessary steps that integrate your copy, messaging, logo, website, company name and tagline, for a seamless brand presence. I signed up for a six month program with Liz Goodgold while struggling with my company name, tagline, and website.  My results were superb. I kept working with the project, brainstorming ideas with Liz and voila – we have a new name, a rebranded company, a great tagline, cohesive messaging and a clear path forward! At each stage of development every dollar counts. I could have outsourced all these projects for a cost of $20,000 plus. Our dollar savings was at least $15,000. That is great for a startup that needs cash for product and service development.

There are plenty of promises and programs out there. Liz Goodgold is the real deal. She meets you where you are.  Liz is all about the success of her clients.  If you are looking for results, off the charts integrity, brilliance and know how with a fabulous sense of humor and joie de vivre, I wholeheartedly recommend Liz Goodgold at Red Fire Branding.




...and get invited to speak to some of the biggest stages in the country!

I hired Liz as a coach to uncover the secrets of the speaking industry and perfect my keynote talk. While coaching with Liz she helped me write a punchy bio, develop 3 rocking keynote talks, align and brand my companies into a complete package and get invited to speak to some of the biggest stages in the country! If you are looking to take your business, book and speaking to the next level, Liz is the RED HOT coach to get it done.

Liz spices up the ordinary to create fiery branding techniques. She has helped our brand with bite-sized nuggets.” of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers in the world.

Liz is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and her ability to ignite any audience into action is remarkable, and makes her one of the most exciting, relevant and memorable speakers in the world.

The feedback from the attendee’s have been amazing and they rated Liz as dynamic, inspiring, great information, awesome, amazing and so much more. They totally walked away with great information that will help them and their business and it was information they could immediately put into place.” 



Liz is the real deal in getting focused and prioritized. Her work got me clear on my brand and my books…and my financial picture. Woo Hoo!




Liz Goodgold is the Rolls Royce and Ferrari of branding.

“Liz Goodgold is the Rolls Royce and Ferrari of branding. A key listener, she captures exactly what is needed to bring a WOW to anyone's business.

She transformed my literacy program for children so others would understand precisely what I do.”



You took my confusion and disorganized thoughts and repackaged them into a clear, ordered and logical action plan.

“You are fabulous and gifted in what you do. I left my meeting on FIRE about Branding and the future of my residential business.  You took my confusion and disorganized thoughts and repackaged them into a clear, ordered and logical action plan.  I feel grounded and focused and capable of executing on the work we did.” 



Chinyere Obasi
Insite Design Group

She was an incredible part of the making of my brand, and I would recommend her to anyone!!!!

"I came to Liz with no name, and a small amount of direction. I had a vision and she helped bring it out. We worked together over a year and during that time, she coached me, media trained me, and gave me a solid brand to build off of. She also gave me confidence; she helped bring to life Kitchenability.  She was an incredible part of the making of my brand, and I would recommend her to anyone!!!!" 

She showed me the best ways for the “What to do”, “How to do” and “Why to do”.

“If you are serious about your business, you must connect with Liz! Thanks to her, my business is growing like wildfire! She showed me the best ways for the “What to do”, “How to do” and “Why to do”. What you “need to do” is get signed up with her today. Thanks Liz!”


Liz quickly taught me skills that might have taken years for me to acquire on my own

“As a new entrepreneur, Liz quickly taught me skills that might have taken years for me to acquire on my own. She also made sure I set the right goals, offered clear and succinct suggestions on how to reach those goals, and then held me accountable.  She made sure I kept moving forward—and I have.  

Liz also offered to review the manuscript of my upcoming book, and her feedback—more than that of any other reviewer—helped shape the book into its final form.

Liz is genuinely interested in my success, and that makes all the difference!”




I achieved 3x's more revenue a month, after only 3 months of coaching with Liz.

"I achieved 3x's more revenue a month, after only 3 months of coaching with Liz. Her coaching about "pricing yourself and services..." generated a revenue stream in my packages that 1 new client's project paid for my coaching sessions with Liz, Now that is a red hot Return on Investment!"


“Working with Liz is a double dose of branding and business advice that delivers results.”




Eloise Hock Feinstein
Estate Planning Attorney

If you need to eat macaroni and cheese for a month to pay for Liz's services -DO IT!!”

“I recently completed Liz's five week branding class and used her techniques to promote the upcoming book, "The Mona Lisa Code" by Scott Lund. We received 191,000 Google hits, front page coverage on the major Italian newspapers and AGI (Agenzia Giornalistica Italia) one of the main Italian news agencies.

If you need to eat macaroni and cheese for a month to pay for Liz's services -DO IT!!”

Elizabeth Venturini
The Mona Lisa Code

Liz is dynamic, creative, and helpful. Hire her!

"Liz is a branding genius! Her quick wit, cutting edge industry knowledge, and vast experience makes her a leader in her field. She will blow you away!"

I am embarrassed to even think of where I would have ended up without her guidance and knowledge.

“Liz Goodgold has been the best investment I have made for my new, start up food business. I am embarrassed to even think of where I would have ended up without her guidance and knowledge. She helped me go from an idea to an awesome product in just 7 months. I am so happy!!!!”



Miffy Weller-Jones
Miffy’s Marvelous Muffins

Her branding brilliance has saved me at least $10,000

Working with Liz has helped me finally nail my brand conversation.

I can now confidently say what I do and be clear about who I'm talking to, my preferred client, without apology or confusion.  I had been struggling to figure this out for 18 years and Liz guided me to it with a few conversations and very specific assignments.
Her branding brilliance has saved me at least $10,000, because I no longer need to invest in another year long program.  I can't even fathom what's it's cost me in clients and opportunity to not have a clear vision or articulation of who I am and what I do best in this world.
But what really excites me is I am FREE TO MOVE FORWARD.
Deborah Battersby
Crystal Fire Coaching

Liz is the only coach that I’ve worked with that I didn’t end up coaching!

I had yet another amazing session this week with Liz Goodgold. Liz is the only coach that I’ve worked with that I didn’t end up coaching! She knows her stuff and has saved me hours of time and aggravation. Her cut to the chase approach has enabled me to get going and become the BEST I can be. Thank you Liz for all you’ve done and I know you will do to get me where I need to be.

Gail Kraft, Presenter, Author and Business Mentor
Take the Next Step

You have the vision and the “red-hot” ideas to ignite any business!

Beverly Bergman, Queen of Copywriting


“I can’t thank you enough for the powerful branding tips you gave me when we met for coffee shortly after I started my own business. I know a few things about branding having been in marketing for many years, but when it came to my own business, I was just too close to it to see it clearly. Thank goodness you did and you weren't timid about telling me your vision for me!  I realize now, how much mileage and credibility I have gotten out of claiming The Queen of Copywriting to brand myself way back then. People hear it and all of a sudden their ears perk up, and that has given me far more confidence as I stand proud when their face lights up and they want to know more – nearly every time I say it!  You can’t put a price on that!

Branding is so important and you are the expert Liz! You simply have the vision and the “red-hot” ideas to ignite any business! I recommend that anyone starting or revving up a business work with you – the sooner the better!  A simple “Thank you” doesn’t begin to express my gratitude.”

Beverly Bergman, Queen of Copywriting

You were the Highlight of the boot camp

No Liz thank you for me you were the Highlight of the boot camp. I meant every word I said to you.  I did not tell you  I have a marketing degree and I love the fact that you know your service well and you know how to communicate it and you are genuine and that come though to your audience. I look forward to digging into my new bag of goodies and getting your new book and I wish you all of what you want to accomplish in this world.

Helene Lefebvre
Debbie Allen

"You'll love Liz's combination of wit and wisdom ... or her Lizdom!"


Debbie Allen, CSP.
International Business Speaker & Best Selling Author

Liz possesses the qualities and attributes that make her a superior coach.

Liz possesses the qualities and attributes that make her a superior coach.  Her personal appearance, reliability, punctuality, intelligence, and high level of enthusiasm, and sensitivity to the feelings of those around her are superior. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach or branding expert with the highest degree of confidence that she will be a most beneficial and positive addition to you and your business.

Annette Conway

Lynette SmithThanks, Liz--you were just as dynamic this time as when I first heard you at Publishers & Writers of San Diego, and I'm looking forward to reading your book!

Lynette M. Smith

Liz has added a new energy and dimension to the marketing and outreach efforts for our family winery.

Tammy RimesLiz has added a new energy and dimension to the marketing and outreach efforts for our family winery. Her passion and "outside of the box" thinking has made us challenge our existing strategies, and implement new social media and marketing ideas. And it's added to our bottom line...increasing our revenues. I highly recommend her to any business - large or small. Her contacts and networks are also invaluable and she is happy to share. Hire Liz, and find your business climbing to new heights. And yes, she's a great public speaker too!

She has the ability to reach the audience with meaningful content and her personable style.

Michelle RussilloLiz Goodgold is a spectacular keynote speaker. She is able to keep the audience engaged, energized and interested. Liz's high energy style is refreshing. She has the ability to reach the audience with meaningful content and her personable style. Her knowledge and proven success of teaching woman how to better brand themselves is evident in her presentation.

I would recommend Liz as a keynote speaker for any large group conference.





I knew she was the branding expert I was looking for.

Susan BatemanI had the pleasure of working with Liz several years ago, when my company Zuli Creative needed a shot of strategic branding expertise. After hearing Liz speak on two different occasions, I knew she was the branding expert I was looking for. Liz is a joy to work with and a fast thinking, idea person. She helped us find the focus to move forward and we've been growing ever since! Thank you Liz!

Susan Bateman
Zuli Creative, Inc.

I had 10 PAID speeches in 2014; thanks Liz

Tammy RimesHire a Business well spent...ROI is quick.  (thought you would like this one..but it's TRUE!)

Question what you thought is a "must have"   For instance, we thought that we had to give our wine glasses away for people to want to do the wine tasting.  When we stopped giving them away, almost no one noticed, and we saved almost $1800 every quarter.

Get Away!   Owning a business is hard work, and your mind is always occupied with it almost 7/24.  We try to get away for 2-3 days every quarter just for downtime.  And we put it on our goals, so we are accountable to getting away.

Brilliant, articulate, inspirational and motivational.

Debra Rosen

“Brilliant, articulate, inspirational and motivational. The North San Diego Business Chamber always goes to Liz for a no-nonsense, professional and captivating presentation that benefits all members of our organization.”



You are an excellent mentor and role model

Helen ChangThank you soooooooo much for your lovely card!  I loved that it had all those languages on it -- perfect for me!

I really appreciate knowing you, connecting with you and working with you. You are so energetic, passionate, caring and brilliant, of course!  I truly admire and respect you and your work.

As I look back on our eight months of work together, I am so happy with how far I have come. When we started working together, I felt burdened and frustrated by overwork. Now, I feel like I have a way to balance my work/life and charge healthy rates for my services. You are an excellent mentor and role model.

I look forward to working with you and referring more of my clients to you next year.

In gratitude and joy,

Helen Chang

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