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Spring Cleaning for Biz: 5 Quick Fixes to Start Fresh this Spring

I just finished cleaning out my house for a recent garage sale. And, then it hit me: Boom! Spring Cleaning works for your biz too. Here’s 5 ideas on how to use this time of year for good.

5 Quick Fixes to Start Fresh this Spring

  1. Clean Up Your Visual Brand – I finally donated 3 expensive, navy blue suits. Why? As I told my son, it’s no longer me. (Don’t you think?) So, here’s my suggestions:
  • Evaluate if your wardrobe projects the right image
  • Determine if it’s time for an image upgrade
  • Stop holding on to clothes that don’t fit!
  • AND, please have photos that represent you today, not 20 years or 20 lbs. ago!

Resources: – Lauri Loesch
www.blueflairphotography – Stefanie Blue`

  1. Declutter Your Mind – Your brain can only hold about 7 items in its virtual “to do” list. So, create a repository for all of those pesky tasks that are bothering you. In this manner, you can focus and these items aren’t forgotten!
  • Keep a notepad next to your bed
  • Use an app on your iPhone
  • Write out your list on your computer
  • Hire a concierge to run those errands for you!
  • Delegate projects

Resources: – Marcie Laws – Mandy Rodriguez

  1. Refresh Your Biz Strategy – What you thought was gonna work in January, may not be working now. Since it’s still early in Q2, change now!
  • Implement one new program, offering, or promotion that you’ve been putting off
  • Get rid of clients, tasks, and work that doesn’t make you happy
  • Run the spreadsheet on your source of income
  • Review your cash flow
  • Itemize expenses

Resources: – Gail Kraft – Mara Hoover – Lenka Holman

  1. Revamp Your Daily Grind – If you’re finding that you’re losing productivity, switch things around:
  • Try turning off email during certain times
  • Use a timer to focus on one task at a time
  • Seize your “best” time for tough work – For example, I’m clearly a morning person; all writing happens between 5 am and 10 am

Resources:  – Ellie Pope

  1. Automate Your Biz –You know that there has to be a better way. Explore how technology can take pressure off of you and get you working

Resources: – Lisa Schulteis

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  1. Yipee! I love getting emails just like this one:

    Just a little feedback: Found this email particularly motivating.
    Things we know, yet you wrote concisely and with good examples.

    Got me moving; I’ve just about done everything.

    Thanks for sharing your insights,

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