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The #1 Secret to Writing Better Speaking Descriptions

Speaking titles must get butts in seats. That’s it! Titles must be so alluring and so attractive that readers will pay and pant to go to your amazing event.

BUT, virtually all speaking descriptions fall short. Why? They are mere labels or clever titles that don’t tell me what I’m going to get from attending.

speaking title secrets

I don’t want to go to Money Management 101, I won’t attend Solar Power Updates 2015, and I’m saying “nyet” to Test Your Hospitality IQ.  Why should I attend? Why are these events worthy of my time? The answer is that I don’t know.

In essence, great speaking titles follow the same rules as headlines: sexy, intriguing, specific, and alluring. Look at my headline again above or see my own speaking descriptions and you’ll see what I mean.

Of course, you need to pepper your titles with alliterations, mnemonic devices, rhymes or metaphors to add curb appeal too. What’s your fave speaking title? Share in the comments below.

  1. Dear Liz –
    Having moved to Atlanta in November and beginning over for the fourth time in a new place, I am glad to be receiving your emails. I have but one presentation that I give, and its title is: “Perception,” How Others See US and What the Heck Can We Do About It?

    For me, it means letting folks know that, whether we like it or not, most of the world thinks they know enough about us the first time they see an image of us on line or in print. All too often (you being one of the exceptions)the image is just not doing what it ought to do and whoever sees it just moves on to something else. Good enough just isn’t “good enough.”

  2. I understand, Michael, it’s good, but could be better. One of my fave mantras is “specifics are terrific.” If you tell them more about the WHY and WHAT, you’ll get more butts in seats.


    5 simple sets for boosting perception….and your business
    How perception changes everything: 5 Fast Fixes for Phenomenal Results
    Good Proof Your Image: 5 Simple Steps to Projecting the Real You!

    Take all of your good messages and try to make it utterly appetizing. if I can help, please holler!

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