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Why Fish Don’t See Water: The Explosive Power of an Outsider’s Perspective

Why Fish Don’t See Water: The Explosive Power of an Outsider’s Perspective 

Have you ever had a prospect meeting in which you got asked if you had their industry experience? It happens all the time to me and I boldly state “No! Nope, I know nothing about karate, Pilates, health care, golf, or even beer. And, as an outsider, that’s why I’ll be your perfect coach/consultant.” 

Wait, what? Yes, I’m saying it’s time to stop limiting yourself by hiring industry experts. Let me put it this way: If you keep hiring the same type of people, you get the same type of solutions. Do you really want the same, old marketing tactics that everyone else is using?

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Hiring an outsider gives you a fresh point of view; it also prevents you from inhaling your own fumes. I’ve just finished writing Frequently Asked Questions for Bonita Pilates and Yoga and Bridge2Breakthru Karate.  Since I have never taken Pilates or karate, I quickly spit out the exact questions any first-timer would have. Asking my questions also challenged assumptions as in “I don’t know; we’ve always done it that way.”

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When it comes to hiring, it makes sense to look outside your industry. In the upside-down world of healthcare, a Harvard article quotes Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle, “We recruit for attitude and train for skill. We don’t recruit from health care.”

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My great girlfriend is a perfect candidate for a law firm job. But, I’m confident they won’t hire her because she hasn’t done the exact same time for a different law firm. Insane!

Let me ask you: are you looking for an expert? Are you ready to hire an assistant? Do you need a new staff member? Review the job criteria carefully and see if industry experience really is a pre-requisite. Perhaps a whip-smart, industry agnostic expert might just fit the bill.

Share your story in challenging the stereotype about having to have industry experience. I’d love to hear.

To your sizzling success!


  1. Liz, Excellent points and well thought out!

    I was hired for a healthcare executive position a few years ago because I had experience in hospitality training. With the introduction of the ACA it was vital that hospitals improve their patient satisfaction numbers. My boss had the vision and the courage to choose someone outside of healthcare as her non-clinical trainer and boy did she get flack for it. I was a great contribution to the team and I did bring fresh eyes, a can do attitude and a helpful perspective to the team.

  2. Hi Catherine:

    I bet you did bring a ton of value!

    I remember when I first got to San Diego and participated in a strategic meeting with Sharp Healthcare; I was the only one without a medical marketing background and couldn’t understand the connection between Mary Birch & Sharp. It was met with everyone knows it’s a Sharp hospital….except those who don’t.

    If you drive by today, you’ll see the double signage making it forever clear.

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