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The Winning Entrepreneur: A Step-By-Step System To Brand Out, Stand Out, And Cash In On Your Biz!

A complete, do-it-yourself system for success

The Winning EntrepreneurImagine transforming your entire business into a profitable and sustainable enterprise with strategic advice, how to’s, recommendations, and step-by-step instruction. It’s like getting 20 hours of private coaching with Liz!

  1. Behind-the-scenes recommendations and guidance on 13 critical topics for growing your biz so that you do what you love…. and get paid what you’re worth!
  2. Secret “how to’s” on branding your business so that prospects think of you first
  3. A deep dive into pricing so that you never charge by the hour again!
  4. In-depth coverage of naming showing you how and why to brand your services so that you stand out from your competitors
  5. Special coverage of a “7-Second Hook” and networking because you need people to remember you in order to do biz with you
  6. Never-before shared insider info on speaking, copywriting, and publicity to boost your visibility and profitability
  7. All material is on audio AND in text transcription so that you can pick the learning style that best fits YOUR needs


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This system includes these 13 critical topics to propel your business forward and avoid costly mistakes:

  1. The Art of Branding: 5 Simple Ways to Brand Better Today
  2. Name It! How to Create a Sizzling Brand Name That Works
  3. Secrets to a 7-Second Hook: How to Create a Headwhip Introduction that Gets You Noticed and Referred
  4. The Easy, Breezy Guide to Contracts that keep YOU out of hot water!
  5. How to Network Your Way to More Leads, Connections and Business
  6. How to Create a Sizzling Book Title that Sells
  7. Beyond the Basics: Unlocking the Hidden Biz Potential of LinkedIn
  8. How to Write a Branded Bio That Brings in the Biz! A 7-Step Formula That Really WORKS
  9. Do it Yourself Publicity: How to Get the Word Out and the Revenue In
  10. Copywriting that Sells: How to Write to Get Customers to Buy
  11. Hot Speaking Skills: The Step-By-Step Guide to Speaking Gooder
  12. Pricing: How to Happily Charge What You’re Worth and Get Paid for It!
  13. Creating a Sizzling Pipeline Strategy: Red Hot Secrets to Getting a Never-Ending Stream of Clients Webinar

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