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Top 5 List of Foolish Biz Advice


In honor of April Fool’s Day, I’m sharing my Top 5 List of Foolish Biz Advice I’ve been given –No Joke!  And, I’ve also tacked on why I believe you should ignore each and every one of these!

  1. Do What You Love & the Money Will Follow – No it won’t! You should follow your passion, but you also better make sure you have a revenue plan. Doing what you love and not getting paid for it just seems foolish to me.
  2. Positive Thinking, Laws of Attraction, & Manifesting Change Are the Secrets to Biz Success –Really? So, if a business fails: is it because the owner didn’t have enough positive thoughts or merely not enough customers? Positive thinking can’t hurt, but action, commitment, dedication, and grit are what separate success from failure.
  3. Don’t Charge too Much Or You Won’t Get the Biz – What I know for sure is that if you compete on price, you are positioning yourself as the Wal-Mart of your industry. AND, if you are woefully underpriced to a large corporation, you won’t be taken seriously as a vendor. I just did an entire webinar on pricing discounting this myth and others.
  4. Posting in Social Media Will Grow Your Biz & It’s Free!  – Yep, the platforms are free, but each one costs a ton of time. And, very few businesses gain customers in the business-to-business sphere just from social media.  With limited time and funds, you might just find that getting in front of prospects through other means is a quicker route to more clients.
  5. Don’t Mix Business and Pleasure – Ha! My entire life is just one great wheel of friends and clients. My friends are my clients and my clients are my friends! I believe in great relationships; they are the keys to have a rewarding personal and business life.

What foolish advice have you been given??  Please share below.

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  1. I think the San Diego Opera needs to focus on item #2!

    • ….Yes! And it looks like our Opera had its final performance last night. They didn’t need to just have a stunning show, but a financial plan that brought in the audience and $$$.

  2. A. Do what you love and the money will follow – changes everything about how you work. It’s never drudgery, and hard work is transformed to passionate work. You feel better about yourself for it, and by releasing the former “I hate my job” dialog, you are free to expand your potential, and raise your income level.

    B. Positive Thinking axioms – are the secrets to opening the doors to success, by believing in yourself and what you do – creating greater energy for grit and determination. There’s no axiom that says and you won’t have to stay focused and work hard. Those who teach these principles are not promising an escape route.

    C. What people charge for their work is often based on their self
    worth. A little more positive thinking may be helpful there.

    I agree with your comments on social media, and business/friendships. Many of my most treasured friends are former design clients.

    I love getting your Words of LIZdom and find them delightful!

    • I really like how you wove in that self-worth is part of the entire revenue model. You are right in that many folks don’t have enough confidence to charge the right amount.

      Also, positive thinking PLUS sage biz planning make a true successful business model.

  3. I just had to respond to this one.

    • Do What You Love & the Money Will Follow
    This should read “be sure you love what you do and inspiration to keep going will follow”

    • Positive Thinking, Laws of Attraction, & Manifesting Change Are the Secrets to Biz Success
    Inspiration not acted on is a dream
    Action without inspiration is a nightmare
    Be inspired to take action

    • Don’t Charge too Much Or You Won’t Get the Biz
    Money is a reflection of your self-worth and success. Charge based on the value you bring

    • Posting in Social Media Will Grow Your Biz & It’s Free!
    When you are clear on what your goals are and clear on your intentions it is easier to determine when to say no. Social media is a tool, not the solution.

    • Don’t Mix Business and Pleasure
    Every moment of every day brings opportunities. Be open, be aware and be prepared. Opportunity does not discriminate on when it chooses to show up.

  4. Thanks Gail for commenting. You are like me in that you believe in positive thinking PLUS positive action. You need both for success.

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