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Webinar | Women In The Workplace

  • Do you get interrupted when you’re speaking?
  • Do others take credit for your ideas?
  • Do you wonder how to get your boss to listen?
  • Does it seem as if you’re not invited to the right meetings?


If so, then come join me on this St. Patrick’s Day (you can drink later), as we attack the speaking habits that are holding you back from reaching your pot of gold.

It’s your lucky day because I’ve put together a feast of strategies that work! And, it’s free!

Whether you need to lead a teleconference or present in the board room, this webinar is a must for women ready to move up.

Secure your spot as this red-headed lass shares exactly how to:

  1. Identify speech patterns that undermine your credibility…and how to fix them
  2. Present a contrarian point of view at meetings while still treating colleagues with respect
  3. Control and moderate your voice to gain respect and attention
  4. Master the power of the pause in order to stress critical points

This webinar is so good that you’ll pinch yourself if you don’t reserve your spot now! Register even if you can’t attend so that you get the replay.

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