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What to Name the Baby?

2015 Baby Name Trends & The Real Reasons Behind those Weird Baby Names

So, is Kim Kardashian West really going to name her second child South so that she’s covered the globe? Why would anyone name their child Apple? And is Dweezil Zappa now happy with his unique moniker?

4 Key Reasons Behind the Weird Baby Names
Every day it seems as if parents are creating wild and often bizarre names. In fact, they are employing branding techniques typically reserved for companies. Here are a few reasons behind this trend:

  1. Desire to Be Unique – Why name your child Mary, Bob, or Helen when you can create Desean, LaDainian, Peekaboo, Zoltan, Jacquizz, Beyoncé, or Keyshawn? Your child will be the only one in the class or perhaps even the world.
  2. They Want the Domain – Yep, parents are grabbing the dot coms of their children’s’ names before they are even born! Top-level domains are tough to obtain and in this manner, your child gets a birth certificate and a place in “who is!”
  3. Google-Ability – The future of employment is the ability to be found on the web. By creating a one-of-a-kind name, wishful parents are trusting that their kid will stand out from the sea of similarity.
  4. Characteristic Names to Jumpstart their Brand DNA – Parents are betting that by naming their children words that bestow character, the child will morph into their brand. Examples include: Saint, Noble, Champ, Gunner, Rebel, Rowdy, or Peerless.

Key Baby Name Trends
Further, other baby name trends are appearing changing the naming landscape:

  1. Gender Neutral Names – Parents are unwilling to have their children fall into gender stereotypes so that you are seeing traditional boy names assigned to girls. Blake Lively, for example, named her daughter James just so that she could have a boy’s name like her mother.
  2. Boys Taking Back Boy Names – After years of female adoption, boys are again being named Kelly, Jordan, Robin, Loren, and Rory.
  3. Celebrity Obsessed Names– Based upon singers, actors, or just being famous has propelled names such as Reece, Amal, and Taylor to the top of the baby name list.
  4. Movie or TV Character Names – Clearly, there’s a Game of Thrones effect as Arya, Tyrion, Jaime, and even Snow are popular as names. Orange is the New Black has pushed Piper to the top of this year’s list. Let’s just hope the idea of naming your child Darth Vader has passed.

So, what did you name your child and why? What celebrity names do you love or hate?

To your sizzling success!

P.S. Yes, that’s my boy!

  1. Giving your child a name that is an ideal may not be the best idea. One of the many jobs I’ve had in my life was as a substitute teacher, so I met a LOT of kids. One day, I said to a full time teacher, “You know how to guarantee your child will be a terror?” And before I could finish the line, she said, “Name him Angel?” I was stunned; I thought it had just been my experience but she said no, she’s noticed that as well. It’s like something a kid can’t live up to, so he does the opposite and, because he’s stuck with the name, his behavior really stands out more than if his name had been Steve.

    Yeah, there are probably great Angels out there, so save your hate mail on the topic. 😉

  2. You are so right…and funny!AND, I bet it was tough to grow up as the only child named Beyonce too!

  3. Oh,and my list of horrible baby names from celebrities are:

    1. Sunday Molly (Seth Myers)
    2. Summer Rain (Christina Aguillera)
    3. Saint (Peter Wentz)

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