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Peets Coffee

6 Staggering Reasons for Naming Your Tribe

With all of the Deadheads coming out of the woodwork to pay homage to the final concert by the Grateful Dead, it reminds me of all of the opportunities for naming your tribe.

6 Stunning Benefits of Naming Your Tribe

Branding your tribe reaps these stunning benefits:

  1. Cements Loyalty – If you’re a loyal Deadhead, I don’t think you’re switching over any time soon to becoming a Parrot Head. Do you?
  2. Builds Awareness –Hey, who are those crazy folks over there?
  3. Boosts Credibility – If you already have a built-in fan base, you’re worthy.
  4. Creates Contagious Enthusiasm – The tribe becomes a club that others want to join.
  5. Offers Premium Pricing Opportunities – Average ticket prices for the band’s final concert averaged $700 per ticket!
  6. Presells Prospects – If you have a name for your fans, it means you have loyal fans!

Here’s a brief list I’ve assembled of fans names; I can’t wait for you to chime in. Add your thoughts to the comments below:

Brand Branded Fan Name
The Grateful Dead Deadheads
Jimmy Buffet Parrotheads
Glee Gleeks
Lady Gaga Little Monsters
Peets Coffee Peetniks (This is me!)
Justin Bieber Beliebers
Hannibal Fannibals
Clay Aiken Claymates
Joan Rivers (may she still be laughing!) Joan Rangers
Benedict Cumberbatch Cumberb**tch
Shania Twain Twainiacs
Beyonce’ Bey-Hive

PS: My tribe is named Redegades. AND, tune in tomorrow at KOGO AM San Diego 7:11 am as I discuss the branding issues surrounding Jared and his recent separation from Subway.

If you missed me talking about last week’s blog on baby naming trends, see below:

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  1. Thanks, Milo for recommending FireHeads for my group!

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