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Why isn’t Your Networking Working? You Didn’t Do Your Homework!

Wonder Why Your Networking is Not Working? You Didn’t Do Your Homework!

Why isn't your networking working

Coffee? I love coffee, but I’ve been utterly disappointed and devastated by my recent coffee meetings. Being a newbie to Reno, I’ve taken more informal meetings than normal just to understand better this business community.

Last month, for example, 4 out of 4 people didn’t know anything about me; they hadn’t been to my website, researched me on LinkedIn, signed up for Words of Lizdom or even Googled me!

I had scoured the web, understanding their background and tracking their career trajectory; I was curious and came prepared with questions to ask. It’s as if all of them wanted introductions from me without trying to understand who I was and what I do.

In one exchange, my visitor bragged about his success for 53 minutes without even asking me one single question. I finally left. Oh, and all 4 of these meetings with successful executives left me footing the bill for their coffee.

I am a good networker because I believe in giving before taking; I believe in doing the right thing; I also know what goes around comes around even if not in a direct one-to-one ratio.

If you are trying to sell me, please also do your homework. You cannot be considered a professional and offer to revise my website, create an app, or be a connection if you don’t understand me. Click To Tweet

So, here’s my suggestion: do your homework. Use the web to understand people first so that your meetings are about human connection first and business second.

Have you too experienced this situation? Is someone trying to sell you before even doing rudimentary research? If so, I’m all ears.

To your sizzling success,


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  1. Enough about me, what about me? Sometimes it’s like living in a Toby Kieth song (I wanna talk about me). The good news, it makes it easy to decide who I want to do business with.

    • Dave, you are so right! It’s as if “those people” are walking around with a big billboard blasting ME!!!!! I’ve also concluded that it’s not just business, it’s personal and human. I want to do business with interesting, fascinating, and curious people.

  2. I’ve had this experience back on LinkedIn, Liz, where I’ve received invitations to connect and if things had proceeded professionally, meaning not pounding my Inbox with sales pitches or putting me on a bot email system 🙂 things could have been a win-win.

    Like the person who was trying to sell me something relevant to American small business owners with brick and mortar shops when I’m located in India and don’t have a brick and mortar shop!

    Interestingly Liz, David Meerman Scott posted about his experiences last week on LinkedIn and many of us found we had a similar situation. Point to note – do your homework and build a mutually viable connection.

    • Sending someone an invite to connect on LinkedIn and then there’s a second message and they can’t wait to sell you!

      I developed a new website just for acceptance and thank you speeches. See Of course, I’m targeting award winners. And, then I realized that I would be guilty of doing the same thing as others if I congratulated them and then tried to sell them. Instead, I created an info video with content for free and THEN if they want more, they can purchase the workbook or coaching.

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