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Why Nike Found the Perfect Spokesperson in Tiger Woods

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Congratulations to Nike for finally finding the perfect spokesperson; for discovering the man who embodies the slogan “winning takes care of everything.”

Yes, in Tiger Woods, we discovered at the Masters that even though he submitted an incorrect signed score card and later admitted he was wrong (after 4 million television viewers noted that he didn’t take a penalty), he didn’t disqualify himself. Why? Because he wanted to win the green jacket for the 5th time.

The entire premise of this gentlemen’s game is built upon honesty and personal integrity. Yet, here is a man who not only cheats on his wife, but cheats at the game that put him in the spotlight.

You could have argued a few years ago that his indiscretions were his own personal affair, but now, his behavior demonstrates his true personal brand: do anything and everything until you get caught!

Me? I’m trying to live my personal brand of motivating others to take positive action, coaching entrepreneurs to step into success, and to make speaking and working a whole heck of a lot funner!

What’s your personal brand? Please share your stories with me in the comments below.

  1. If Nike continues to sponsor Tiger- their slogan needs to be less open-ended.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more….so glad the caddy Tiger fired, Steve Williams, won with Adam Scott!!!

  3. Nicely put, Liz!

  4. Get it done right the first time.

  5. Liz,

    At first, I was very surprised to read what appeared, in the first few sentences, to be your endorsement of Tiger Woods! Fortunately, as I read on, that wasn’t the case and, as I read on, you stood up for what you embody, Liz: honesty and integrity!

    Tiger Woods embodies what the terrorist of yesterday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon did: someone who made selfish choices to harm others vs making respectful choices of others. Right after all of Tiger’s affairs became public knowledge, I contacted AT&T (where I had worked for quite some time during my 30 yrs in the corporate world), Accenture, and Gatorade. In my correspondence to them, I told them that I and everyone I could influence would immediately stop using their products and services IF they continued to pay an adulterous man to be their sponsor. Good News! By the end of the year, all three companies had cancelled their sponsorship of Tiger… not only because of the emails I sent I’m sure, but hopefully, because of thousands of other ethical people as well who had also sent the same kind of letter to them as I did.

    Thanks for standing tall and true to the standards you teach, Liz, and best wishes in your speeches tonight in San Diego and tomorrow(?) in Menifee. I’m sure you’ll fire them up as you always do!

    • Congrats on your first blog post;yeah!

      What I like in this comment is that you stand up for what you believe in. I too can no longer respect Tiger – not just for the affairs, but for his behavior at the Masters.

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