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Why you might not want to teach a man to fish….


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a  lifetime.”

As much as I admire Maimonides’ quote, have you ever thought that it might be wrong? I have and here’s why.

We Are Not Experts At Everything

For those of you who know me, I constantly refer to my artistic capabilities as “arts and crap.” I was even fired as a kindergarten helper at my son’s school because I couldn’t cut straight. Really!

And, apparently, even with 20+ years of experience, I still haven’t mastered a simple cut and paste. Now let me ask you: will I ever get better? Or more pointedly, is it worth my time to even bother?

Sometimes Delegating Is A Great Answer!

Today, I need graphics from creating bios to one-sheets to name tags to downloadable icons. And, for every one of these tasks, I delegate it! Why should I get so frustrated trying to align a text box when I can just hire an expert?

It’s Hard to Teach Creative Skills

The “aha” moment of the realization that we all can’t learn a new skill was forced in my face by working with 2 brilliant clients. They have stellar credentials, killer gifts, and a cool quotient, but no matter how many times I show them, they just can’t write their own bio. Their writing lacks flair, fragrant phrases, and a fun factor.

By the same token, I can’t seem to carry a tune. (Trust me on this one; I’m not a member of the National Singers Association!) Regardless of the years listening to music or even lessons, I won’t ever give Beyoncé a run for her money.

So, what do you do? Are you mastering new skills? What are you delegating instead?

Please share in the comments below.

  1. I’m in complete agreement – sometimes it’s so much easier to just catch the damn fish for the person and move on! 🙂 It saves time and allows us to focus on our specialties. Specialization is the basic principle of trade economics and what makes the world go round.
    Great message and story Liz!

    • Good post. I learn one thing tougher on different blogs everyday. It is going to always be stuimlating to read content from other writers and practice somewhat something from their store. I’d choose to make use of some with the content on my blog whether you don’t mind. Natually I’ll provide you with a hyperlink on your internet blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, all dreams, no matter how odd they are have some sort of meaning. But, I am sure if you have a nightmare or night terror, you will definately remember.

    • thank you for this blog…. this is my first time reading and posting to your blog…. I think I got the link from somebody else’s erotic blog… spanking fantasies turn me on….

  2. Yep! And, sometimes we should just delegate it.

  3. You write so hosletny about this. Thanks for sharing!

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