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12 Marketing Secrets


12 CD Set

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Red Fire Business Boosting:
12 Marketing Secrets That Will Grow Your Business Like Wildfire!

Finally, here is a 12 CD set jam-packed with the information YOU need to grow your business today.  It is the “best of the best” of Liz Goodgold spilling all of the beans ….and secrets

  1. Brand Your Small Business For Success
  2. Brand Names That Sell
  3. The Science Of Taglines for Flawless Recall
  4. Sell More In Less Time with the Right Target Market
  5. Build A Branding Empire With A Book
  6. Build Buzz with Networking Skills And Strategies
  7. Presentations That Get You Spin-Off Business
  8. Get Your Phone Calls and Emails Returned
  9. Boost Your Business With a Booklet
  10. Communication Strategies To Bring In Clients
  11. Hot Secrets Behind Email Marketing
  12. Successful Referral Marketing

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