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Are you insulting me?

  1. Never thought of things that way before, but you are right. When I have offered DIY Legal classes, some attendees actually used the materials as taught, but others got a better idea of how hard legal tasks can be and hired me to work for them. Sort of different than the more common approach of telling people that any contract not written by a lawyer is insufficient.

    • You’ve actually hinted at the RIGHT way to market: give away enough content so that you’ve trust and respect AND then they hire you!

  2. I take the same approach. My talks are chocked full of useful leadership techniques that anyone should be able to enact immediately. The result, those that contact me are open to my approach and recognize they need help. These are my favorite clients.

  3. Of course you are absolutely right! One of the first rules of coaching is to ask permission if one is about to “coach” someone even if it is in the course of casual conversation. In the same way, if I as a copy editor see grammatical issues on a website that has problems of grammar, even if I am intending to give advice pro bono, I first ask if the owner is interested in reading feedback before I send my comments.

    Giving un-asked for criticism is clumsy at best (unless it is like “your zipper is undone” or “the label is showing on the back of your neck”). To do it when hoping to sell someone… ridiculous!

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